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Our Platforms in Beta

We’re currently bringing our products to a select group of early users to assist us in developing our platforms, and getting a first look at our exciting feature stack.


Nature-Based Project Operations

Are you involved in the development, operations, measurement, or creation of carbon projects? Find out what Sensand’s Blockbase can do for you now in our Beta Program.

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Carbon Brokers

Are you a carbon broker looking to bring high-quality insights and data to your clients? Find out what Sensand’s Mintly can do for you now in our Beta Program.

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Bringing on-the-ground data collection, team and task management, remote sensing and data storage to one place, customised to suit you.

Bringing together market data with public and privately available datasets to best equip carbon brokers to inform your clients, your way.

Better Together

Blockbase improves the day-to-day operations of a carbon project or enterprise agricultural operation by combining various data sources, team and task management to one easy-to-use platform. The experience only gets better when project originators are able to tie data collected and managed in Blockbase to assets going to market in Mintly - providing markets with unparalleled insights into data behind the curtain.

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