The Future Of Sustainable Land Management

Sensand offers the world’s first all-in-one land management ecosystem, linking the latest remote sensing, MRV, and smart farming tech with a transparent carbon credit trading and asset management platform.

Managing your environmental projects just became easier

We’ve simplified your processes to help you on your journey to successful land management and carbon trading.

MRV Data Collection

Harmonise field level data, harware, software, and remote sensing overlays to bring decision making to one place.

Improving Project Data

Make informed decisions, and optimise project performance. Precisely monitor, manage, and anticipate changes for proactive decision making in your processes.

Harness Data to Scale Markets

Access global markets in one place, and explore projects across the globe with access to project data and unique remote sensing overlays.

Our Solutions

We’re uniting land management & technology to improve sustainability and increase your project’s impact

While our platforms can operate as standalone products, their true potential is unlocked when they are linked – enabling end-to-end visibility of specific carbon assets and their underlying data.

Blockbase brings all your MRV technologies and data under one roof, simplifying land management and empowering users to make data-driven decisions.

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Revolutionising carbon credit trading and management, bringing together high-impact project data and global carbon markets.

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Our Initiatives

We’re proud to be helping industries across Australia to dramatically improve sustainable land asset management

At Sensand, we are committed to promoting sustainability through regenerative agriculture, forestry and carbon abatement projects. By driving carbon reductions, our projects are working to unlock growing opportunities for meaningful and ethical investment.

We’re seamlessly integrating with leading hardware and software provides to ensure your projects success