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carbon credits.

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Search and filter all carbon projects from around the world on registries such as Verra, Gold Standard, and Australia's Emissions Reduction Fund, by price, vintage, co-benefits, project type, country, and more.

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If you are developing carbon projects and you are interested in listing your carbon projects on Sensand Markets, get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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Tap into a wide range of premium-grade carbon credits across the world, uniquely enriched with detailed data that is available exclusively on our platform.

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Thanks to data.

Data-backed decision making at your fingertips

View and interact with comprehensive, enriched data about each carbon credit, including on-the-ground data, satellite imagery, remote-sensing derived overlays, photos, and registry documentation.

Rich market insights for optimised trading

Improved market visibility with extensive transaction data on project-specific credits, empowering you to make informed trading and risk management decisions with confidence.

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on a single platform.

Transparent pricing with low fees

Purchase high quality carbon credits at a fraction of the cost, with upfront pricing set by sellers, ensuring fairness and transparency in every transaction.

Out-of-the-box, hassle-free payment system

Sensand handles all credit and funds transfers through its secure payment and transfer system, including proof of ownership transfers, and retiring and off-boarding of credits.

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Get early access to our platform, including onboarding assistance and dedicated support from our team of experts.

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