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Blockbase Key Features

Blockbase allows you to streamline your data collection processes, optimise operations and monitor your ecosystem change over time.

Remote Sensing

Access satellite data from global providers, utilise drone imagery, and leverage analytics to gather valuable data about your land and make more informed decisions.

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Connect to Mintly

Link your MRV data to Mintly to tell the story behind your carbon project, validating project integrity and attracting higher margins from responsible buyers.

Field Data

Collect, store and act on data that is captured from the ground. Access IoT devices and operational data, capture scouting notes and assign tasks.

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Project Management

Onboard your entire team onto the one property and provide everyone tiered access to data that is relevant to their specialties.

A Comprehensive Solution For Your Needs

Blockbase combines remote sensing and on-the-ground data, facilitating streamlined collection processes, optimised operational planning, and long-term monitoring of ecosystem changes.

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